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  • March 20, 2023

正规极速赛车信誉平台-5 Ways To Dewrinkle Clothes Without An Iron

正规极速赛车信誉平台-5 Ways To De-Wrinkle Clothes Without An Iron

Here are some alternative methods to unwrinkle a shirt without using an iron:

正规极速赛车信誉平台-1. Hang it In The Bathroom:

Take a hot shower or run a hot bath. The steam from the water will help to unwrinkle the shirt. Hang the shirt in the bathroom for about 10-15 minutes, or until the wrinkles have relaxed.

正规极速赛车信誉平台-2. Use a Hair Dryer:

Set the hair dryer too hot and hold it about 6 inches away from the shirt. Move the dryer over the wrinkled area, slowly and steadily, until the wrinkles have relaxed.

正规极速赛车信誉平台-3. Lay it Flat and Roll it:

Lay the shirt flat on a hard surface. Roll the shirt up tightly, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Unroll the shirt and the wrinkles should be gone.

正规极速赛车信誉平台-4. Fill a Spray Bottle with Water:

Spray the wrinkled areas of the shirt with water. Then, use your hands to smooth out the wrinkles and lay the shirt flat to air dry.

正规极速赛车信誉平台-5. Put It In The Dryer:

Tumble the shirt in the dryer on a low heat setting for 10-15 minutes. The movement of the dryer will help to unwrinkle the shirt.

These methods should help to relax the wrinkles in your shirt, but they may not completely eliminate them. 168极速赛车官网开奖玩法🔸you need a completely wrinkle-free shirt, iron is still the best option.

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